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There is not much on this page yet, but hopefully it'll continue to grow.

**Gizmos Gambit**![Gizmos Gambit](/assets/img/gizmo.png) A simple top down shooter scroller for the 2022 Game Jam. The theme was "Death is only the begining." The teams take was to create this shooter where dying makes the game slightly easier to play, by introducing ghost shields that orbit the player. Die too much, and enter a redemption.

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**Lunar Panic**![Lunar Panic](/assets/img/portfolio/lunarpanic.png) Your mission is the survive as many waves as possible. Enjoy the silence as you choose your next upgrade against a growing number of enemies that get stronger each round.

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**Game Club Demo**![GameClub Demo](/assets/img/gameclub.png) A demo platform game I made to reveal a pick for a Game Club I'm in. Game Club is functionally the same as a book club, but instead of picking and nominating books to read, we pick video games. Typically older or obscure games that may be new to others.

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