Pride month is about to begin. The corporations are going to transform. They want to sell. Reminder they’ve never really been allies. So take what they peddle with a grain of salt. Also with events going on in other states, I hope everyone stays safe this pride month. I’m thankful to not be in a position to where I feel unsafe. But I hope to those that need it, help comes their way.

I don’t have much an update to give at this moment for myself. Tears of the kingdom has basically stolen all of my free time. I’m very burned out and decided to take a much needed break from pretty much everything.

Meanwhile, I have a puzzle I need to finish. It’s one of those Mschf puzzles that work like a lottery. I’ve had it for months and haven’t gotten close to finishing it. Doubt I’ll win anything but I’ll feel better onces it’s over.

Until next post, take care. And as always, I appreciate the read!