Sorry about missing last week, I ended up getting a pretty gnarly stomach bug that felt like it was going to take me out. Something I haven’t experienced in a long time. Thankfully it passed fairly quickly, but I can say I’m still recovering a bit from it.

A picture of Majoras Mask, seperated in 6 pieces

With that said, back to my usual business. I’ve finished printing the remaining parts of the mask, meaning they’re ready to have their initial sanding. I don’t have the material to do that yet, so baby steps I suppose. I also have to get some clay polymer so I can put the pieces together to get them ready for painting.

So I suppose this weekend will be a short break from it all. With that being said, my brothers birthday is coming up, so I prepared a short project in building him a 60% keyboard. Mainly because I wanted to build a new keyboard. The parts I chose for him are:

A photo of the finished keyboard

  • Bakeneko60 barebones kit
  • NicePBT Galaxy base keycap set
  • Haimu Whisper Silent Tactile Switches

I quite enjoy how it came out and I’m pretty sure my brother will like it. I’m going to enjoy doing nothing this weekend, and look forward to next week to continue my mask project.

Thanks for reading.