Photo of a 3D print in progress.

I’ve been having issues trying to focus on one thing. So I made a decisions recently. Since I have a 3D printer, and in need of a break from programming. I decided to do a big print project that make take several weeks to complete. Mostly because the print itself is pretty big, and I don’t have all the materials. I’m starting off with the big purchase this week, I decided to get the air brush and a couple accessories for it. Also got some eye protection, that’s very important!

I tested it out with water already and it’s surprisingly pretty easy to use. I’m going to search for paints to use next, most likely water based acrylics since that seems to be the most popular to use. I’ll also need some brushes and a palette for some of the finer details that’ll be on the project. Lastly some respirators rated for airbrush painting, don’t want to breath that in.

Photo of an airbrush and airbrush compressor on my desk

As for further game development, that’s still upcoming. I need to manage my tasks more efficiently so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I think painting is a nice break and will get me in a good mood again. Also I think I can get some good use from this little airbrush kit.

As for my health, I’ll be seeing my neurologist soon. I haven’t heard back from him so I’m hoping that means it’s good news. Next step would be to look into sleep apnea. Ever since that episode I’ve been a lot more aware of how I feel during the day, and I’ve noticed that most of the time, I just feel tired in general. So it might be worth looking into.

Until next time.