Happy New Years

Happy new years everyone. 2022 went by fairly fast, and I at least was able to participate in one Game Jam. I want to take part in more in the future, however I have a job that takes priority.

Hopefully I ca sort out my personal time better this year. It’s something I’ve been meaning to work on for a while. I end up stonewalled due to wanting to do so much, but not enough time to really do it. So I need to slash down my expectations to something more manageable.

So as for goals, the next couple weeks are going to be used to really narrow down 1 or 2 things I really want to do. Within the next 6 months or so. Once that is done, I will try my best to focus on just those things. Last year was a mess, and I started and abandoned probably 4 or 5 projects. So slightly disappointed in myself for that.

One thing for sure, I want to make this blog more active. Thanks for reading!